A Finish in France

The French team Groupama seize victory in their home port. Team Telefonica was looking good unitl they broke a rudder, repaired it, sailed themselves back in to the race with their rocket boat and then……..

…. broke a rudder again! This victory for Groupama moves the French team into a comfortable lead. The exciting part is Telefonica and Puma are nipping at their heels. This has proven to be the tightest race in V.O.R. history and shall keep all of us followers pinned to the YouTube.

Below is a video of the massive wash across the bow of Camper sweeping Chris Nicholson from the helm and causing some injury. Watch as the main grinder reacts quickly to steer the boat, keeping it on its feet and then returns immediately to the grinder. That is why these guys are the best.

Great job Groupama! Come on Puma!

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