Valentines Love

This may sound a bit soft, and all my buddies are surely going to take this opportunity to make fun of me, but sometimes it is important to keep our mind from ‘sailing off’ and remember the important things like love. Not just romantic love but also brotherly love, sisterly love, love you can only get from your family and those that are close to you. Even if just for a moment, we should just stop and cherish all of those individuals that we love and love us. So, to all my readers, please have a Valentines Day full of love.

Love on caterman

To my wife, I LOVE YOU SIFFIE FOREVER AND ALWAYS. Thank you for coming into my life!

Valentines walk on the beach

And lastly to my first love, Mom. I miss you and will never stop loving you; thank you for always making sure that I knew you loved me. Rest in peace.

Yes, I love you too Dad ;-0)

-From a Son and a Husband, Thank You, ALL of You.

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