From Sailing World to Business World

bmw sailing cup!Smell that? That’s the smell of another clear day with no breeze. Reminds me of this time last year. Except for, where was I? Ah yes, the Brombachsee in good old Nuremberg, Germany, the BMW sailing Cup, yes, yes that was it. Those were the days just taking random vacation to go for a sail whenever someone asked, “Hey are you available to sail?””Sure lets do it”.  Well, that has come to a close. Now we have to focus on turning our skills in for some desk time. Maybe write a estimate or two. Drink coffee and look out of the window occasionally to take a break from trying to inspire the business savvy within in me. Times are good, just a different kind of good. Nope still wish it was last year. Still wish I was sailing, still wish…….

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